Materialenlijst Robin St. Louise

Robin St. Louis Workshop
Supply List

Watercolor Pigments: If you have these colors by other manufacturers, you don’t need to purchase new tubes, except for New Gamboge, which can really vary by manufacturer. Bring the tubes of paint to the workshop.

New Gamboge ( Daniel Smith or M Graham)
French Ultramarine (Winsor&Newton or Daniel Smith)
Peacock Blue (Holbein)
One of the following reds: Quinacrindone Red or Quinacrindone Rose (Daniel Smith) or Permanent Rose (W&N or DaVinci). Winsor Red (W&N) or Permanent Red (Holbein) are also OK.
Sepia (Daniel Smith)
Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) (W&N)
Alizarin Crimson (Daniel Smith or W&N)
Manganese Blue Nova (Holbein)
Optional: Quinacrindone Gold (DS), Quinacrindone Coral (DS), Aureolin Yellow, Permanent Brown

Paper: half-sheet of Arches 140# hot-press or cold-press watercolor paper. Stretch this paper (see below).

Other Supplies:
Your normal brushes, but please also bring along the largest brushes you have.
Spray bottle for water
Water container
Small sea sponge
Ballpoint pen
Scotch tape
Kneaded eraser
Roll of paper towels, about half-used (to prop up painting board)

24″ width tracing paper ( see below).
Optional: Copic Gray Markers 4, 6 and 8. These are available individually from Cheap Joe’s. They come in Cool Gray, Neutral Gray and Warm Gray. Any of the grays are fine, but buy all three in the same gray (i.e., Cool Gray 4, 6 and 8). These make doing value studies much easier.